Dorset Speed Web

Simple, fast, low cost web site design




Dorset Speed Web provides a quick and easy way to set up a web site. Our scope is world wide, but our speciality is to provide a friendly, local, face to face service (if required) for businesses, organisations and individuals in the Poole / Dorset area.

We will design free sample pages, and fine tune them to your requirements, with very low maintenance and developments costs should you want us to look after your web page for longer. We provide a total solution, ranging from small simple text based pages to high performance interaction and database functionality.

We are offering a "zero risk" entry into web page design. Given some sample material, in any format, we will set up a prototype page at a secret web address for you to see, at absolutely no cost and without any obligation (subject to resource availability).

The current wait time for this service is 1-3 days. Try it out, there's nothing to loose!

We also have extensive skills in these areas:

-Software design
-Electronics systems design / repair

Please email us for more information: